Managed WEB
Basic WEB managed services are a way of unloading the day-to-day Admin tasks for your shared web hosting environment to our support team. You can ask us to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to administering your shared web hosting.

* Each subscription is limited to a maximum of 100 cPanel accounts.
Value-Add Managed Services
- SmarterMail ActiveSync 3 Pack with 45 GB pooled Storage.
- White label DNS servers. ns1 & ns2.yourdomainname.com.au
- cPanel Migrations
- Priority support for L1/ L2 issues
- Dedicated IP address
- 12 month contract
Managed Server
Server Management is provided via our email ticket system, with each request given a unique ticket ID for tracking and audit purposes. Please note that Server Management customers will not have full root access to managed servers, to ensure that the environment is secure. Some control will be available and we are happy to discuss individual needs if required.

* Each subscription is limited to only 1 server, every additional server will require an additional monthly "Manager Server" subscription. For multiple servers please increase the number of items in the checkout section of your shopping cart.
vCloud Management
For businesses that need a little additional support managing their (vh) vCloud.
Our team can help with the following tasks;
- Basic vApp template creation
- Internal & External Edge Gateway Configuration
- vCloud Networking